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Shoffi Tip: First Steps For Shoffi Affiliates

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Just started your Shoffi affiliate account? Here are a few tips for getting started 🐣

Connect with the right apps

With Shoffi, you can connect to many Shopify apps affiliate programs in just one click!

However, you might want to check which ones are best for you to create a stable revenue stream.

Look for apps that offer value to your audience. If you are helping merchants design their stores, connect with page builders or animations apps. If you’re helping them make more sales, look at upsells and other conversion apps.

Promote the apps for those who need it

Focus on promoting the right apps to the right merchants.

Remember that most Shopify apps charge a monthly fee. That means you will get your fee paid each time the merchant pays, every month.


You will benefit the most from merchants who find the app useful and keep using it for the long term. 

Keep track of your performance

Visit your dashboard on Shoffi to keep track of all your past and new referrals. You can also find valuable information, such as a count of views of your unique links.


You will also be able to check when you are eligible for getting payouts and apply for them directly from your account.

Always keep Shoffi in mind

Shopify’s latest report says every Shopify store use 6 apps, on average.

It doesn’t matter what your part is in the Shopify ecosystem. At some point, you will find yourself recommending apps to merchants.

Always keep Shoffi in mind as a way to help merchants to find the right apps and also make an extra income for your service.

We are happy to have you with us, and if by any chance you need our help, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Just found out about Shoffi? Sign up and start earning a steady recurring income today!

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