Sell More Shopify Themes

With a smart partner program and Shoffi affiliates

Unleash The Power Of Affiliate Partners

Invite And Manage Your partners

Track Payments

Never miss a payment to your affiliate partners anytime they request, and get notified once they receive it.

Theme Resources

Share resources and promotional materials with your affiliate partners to make it easier for them to promote your theme.

Shoffi Market

Increase your theme discovery with the Shoffi market, a new distribution channel to find new affiliate partners on Shoffi.

Branded Signup Page

Invite affiliates directly to your affiliate program with your own branded signup page​

Individual Contracts

Offer each affiliate partner different affiliate terms, from different commission rates to a different CPI.

Theme Updates

Keep your affiliate partners up to date with all the new features and changes to your theme by sending them updates on Shoffi.

Advanced Contracts and rewards

Cost Per Install (CPI)

Offer a fixed amount to your affiliate partners for each successful purchase of the theme by a merchant.

Minimum Withdrawal​​

Set a minimum payment amount to your affiliate partners, so you won't need to deal with payments every other day.​​

One Dashboard to manage them all

Detailed Statistics​

Learn how much you earn from referrals, how much you owe in commissions and more valuable data.


Don't miss important events that occurred on the platform. You can also be notified by email if you like.

Affiliates Approval​

Approve every affiliate partners who apply to your affiliate program, or use auto-approval for all of them.

Multiple Themes

Add multiple Shopify themes to your account and control each one's commission, affiliates, and details separately.

The best technology by your side

Ready To Use

Integrating your theme to Shoffi is as simple as adding your Shopify Partner API key.

Referrals Verification​

Our system uses advanced methods to make sure you pay only for referrals made by affiliates. ​