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Shopify Apps Affiliate

Apps get more customers
Affiliates earn more $$$

How It Works?

Want to understand even better? Check our detailed explanation here.

Apps integrate
with Shoffi

Affiliates request to
connect with apps

Apps approve
affiliates requests

Affiliates promote
the apps

Apps get
new clients

Affiliates earn

For App Owners

Better Acquisition Channel

Your app will be recommended to store owners by people they know and trust.

Pay When You Get Paid

Pay the affiliates their commission only when you get the payment from the merchants.

Ready To Use

Integrating the Shoffi affiliate system into your app is as simple as adding one POST request.

Lower Churn Rate

Affiliates get paid if you do. They will do their best to ensure store owners continue using your app.

For Affiliates

Find New Opportunities

Discover all the existing affiliate programs on the platform and get notified when new ones are added.

All In One

One dashboard to manage everything: your affiliate links, charges, payments, and a marketplace to find more apps.

New Revenue Stream

Store owners are always looking for apps recommendations. Why not make extra passive income from it?

Steady Recurring Income

Most Shopify apps charge monthly. You will get your commission every time the store owner pays.

For Apps

If you own or run a Shopify app

For Affiliates

If you want to promote Shopify apps and earn commissions