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Your app will be recommended to store owners by people they know and trust.

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Join a thriving community of trusted partners, ready to nurture each other.

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Integrating the Shoffi affiliate system into your app is as simple as adding one POST request.

Lower Churn Rate

Affiliates get paid if you do. They will do their best to ensure store owners continue using your app.


Once you sign up and choose a plan, you can integrate your Shopify apps. You will be required to add the app info, affiliate terms, and your Shopify partner client API key for every app.

Our system uses a few different methods to authenticate each install. One of them is based on a post request you will need to add to your app.

Yes, you can. Using the CPI (Cost Per Install) feature, you can offer a fixed amount for every successful install. This could be in addition or instead of a commission.

Yes, you can limit the commission period to a specific amount of months.

As an app owner, you don’t have to have a PayPal account. You can pay affiliates using PayPal or a credit card.

Shoffi is connected to your Shopify Partner account. We’ll consider a transaction as done only after we get the transaction details from Shopify.

We also get from Shopify the exact subscription plan name and amount.

Once an affiliate reaches the “Minimum withdraw amount” that you have set, they can request to withdraw the money. You have 30 days to pay after the affiliate requests the withdrawal.

It depends on your subscription plan and varies from 1 to unlimited apps for enterprises.
Find more details on the pricing page.

Shoffi offers more than just a solution for affiliate program management. We connect with the most prominent agencies/influencers and encourage them to promote apps.

For Shoffi to function, we will need your Shopify Partner API key with permission to:

  • View financials
  • Manage apps
  1. You can offer a fixed amount for every successful install using the CPI (Cost Per Install).
  2. If you are willing to become a paid app eventually, affiliates will be happy to promote it for future commissions from the revenue.

Shoffi checks every 24 hours all of the existing referrals and updates them accordingly.

If a user changed the subscruption plan you will be able to see it in the dashboard and the numbers will change accordingly.

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