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2022 Recap – Statistics, Features, and What’s Next!

2022 Recap Cover
We have had an exciting 2022 since our launch in July, with new features and user engagement growth. Here is some interesting data we gathered and our plans for 2023.

In only 6 months, various new features were released and many new users joined us. Here are some of the features we added, along with interesting statistics we gathered, that you might find interesting.

Features Released

CPI (Cost Per Install)​

Offer a fixed amount to your affiliate partners for each successful install of the app by a merchant.

Limit Commission Period

A new option to control how long an affiliate will earn commissions from a referral. Once the period is over, the affiliate partner will no longer earn commissions.

Shopify Themes

We have added the option for developers to connect Shopify themes to Shoffi and for affiliates to promote them

App Updates

A feature to keep your affiliate partners up to date with all the new features and changes to your app by sending them updates on Shoffi.

App Resources

A simple way to share resources and promotional materials with your affiliate partners.

Apps Pages

New detailed pages for affiliates, to learn more about each app they promote, and view detailed performance statistics.

2022 Data

01.07.22 - 31.12.22
Affiliates Joined Shoffi
Affiliates Invited by apps
Affiliates joined indepenently
App Owner Are active on Shoffi
Average apps per app owner
0 Days
Average time to finish apps integration
Referrals Were Made
Uninstalled the app
Haven't subscribed or paying usage fees
Subscribed to a monthly paid plan
$ 0
In Revenue Generated With Shoffi
$ 0
Generated with Shoffi on avergae per app
$ 0
Generated with Shoffi by the most succesfful app
0 %
Average revenue share offered by apps
Of apps offers CPI
Of apps limit the commission period
Apps are available on Shoffi
Affiliates on avergae per affiliate program
Referrals on average per affiliate program
💡 Interesting Fact

Over 70% of the transactions and engagements on Shoffi were made in the last 2 months of 2022. We will ensure Shoffi keeps the same growth rate in users and engagement, so 2023 will be much bigger for all of us.

What Else Happened?

We had the pleasure of talking and hosting articles written by some of the leading Shopify apps founders, and collecting them all for our Shopify Apps Playbook.
In 2023 we will keep talking with the most interesting people in the Shopify Partners industry, and publish their insights on the playbook.

We also published a public market, to expose the available apps on Shoffi to anyone on the web who might promote Shopify apps.

What's next for 2023?

We’re looking forward to an even more successful year in 2023, with plans to add functionalities that will make Shoffi more useful.

We talked with many Shoffi users and listened to their needs. There are many ideas and requests that were made. It took us some time to decide, but after consulting with some of our users, we decided to focus on a few new features we’ll be adding while improving the existing platform.

Features Roadmap


A new way to use Shoffi directly from your app or with any other service, without logging into the dashboard.

Simplified Payments

The payment process will be easier and require less manual work when paying your affiliates.

CRM Integrations

Connect Shoffi to your favorite CRM to get a better view of your app's affiliate partners.

Affiliates Finder

A new way to take advantage of Shoffi's affiliates. Find affiliate that can be useful for your app and connect.

Advanced Dashboard

More control of your affiliate program and partners directly from the dashboard, and a brand new activity feed.

Goals and Challenges

Incentivize your affiliates with specific performance goals, and reward them once they have reached a goal.

Start 2023 with a new acquisiton channel

Shoffi offers an additional acquisition channel for Shopify apps and helps you retain good relationships with your existing partners.

We are here for the long-term game, doing our best to fulfill our mission, of growing Shopify apps using partnerships.
Let’s grow, together 🤝🏽

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