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The Shoffi API: Intro And Best Practices

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Use the power of Shoffi API to recruit new affiliates easily - Directly from your website or app.

Understanding the Shoffi API

The Shoffi REST API offers app owners a new way to use the Shoffi platform without requiring them or their affiliates to log in. In the following article we will describe the different use cases and benefits of working with the API.

Getting Started with Shoffi API


To ensure the security and integrity of our API, all requests to the Shoffi API require authentication. To authenticate, you must include the correct API key.

Every app has its own app key, and you will need to use it along with your appId in your API calls to Shoffi.

Your API key can be found in your Shoffi dashboard under My apps > Edit App.


For technical details and explanations about all the available calls, you can visit the Shoffi API official docs.


If you’d like to test the different calls, we highly recommend opening an affiliate account in Shoffi. The affiliate account has no charge, and you can use it to understand better how things work and look from the affiliate side.

Shoffi API docs
Shoffi API documentation

Benefits of using the API

There are two main benefits of communicating directly with the API:

  1. Users always stay on your platform – You can invite users to join and promote your app and even show them their performance without sending them to another website.

  2. Users are not exposed to other apps’ partner programs unless they will log in to Shoffi.

Users never leave your platform - You can invite users to join and promote your app without sending them to another website

Use Cases

Here are a few different ways to take advantage of the API, based on our experience and our Beta user’s practices.
  1. One-click signup
    You can use the data you already have about your user when they signed up to your app to make it easier to onboard them to your affiliate program. The “Create New Affiliate” API  call requires details (e.g., first name, email) you might already have. Using this data allows you to onboard affiliates to join in one click when you provide the details in the background.

  2. Auto-generate affiliate links
    Generate a referral link to every new user, store it in your database, and provide it to the affiliate whenever you like. You can, for example, add it to your email flow if the user has been using your app successfully for a few weeks and is likely to recommend it to a friend.

  3. Design your own landing page
    If you’re unsatisfied with Shoffi’s default affiliate signup pages, you can create your landing page with your design and form to let affiliates sign up.


  1. In-app Affiliate dashboard
    Using the “Get Affiliate Info” call, you can create a fully functioning affiliate dashboard in your app with graphs and statistics. You can even let the affiliate ask for a payout using the “Affiliate Payment Request” call.

  2. Goals and Incentivizes
    You can create your logic to encourage users to succeed and update their affiliate terms accordingly. For example, you can decide that every affiliate who adds more than 10 referrals will get a 5% increase in the revenue share. Use the “Update Affiliate Terms” call to update their terms if the conditions were met.


Yes, the “Create Affiliate” call will create a new affiliate on the platform. For the user to log in to Shoffi, they will need to use the “Reset password” page using their email.

Yes. Use the “Get All Affiliates” call.

You can still use your app’s affiliate program signup page to invite affiliates.

However, using the API you will be able to invite affiliates directly from your app/website.

Only if they will log in to Shoffi and finish their signup process.
However, Shoffi won’t send them any emails or require them to do so in any way.


You can use the API to show your affiliates their performance, let them copy their affiliate link, and even request a payout when possible.

Ready to take advantage of Shoffi’s new powerful API and grow your app with partnerships? Sign up now or contact us if you like to hear more.

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