How It works?

Integrate your apps with shoffi

Affiliate Program Solution

Shoffi offers a complete affiliate program solution, including advanced separate dashboards for the app owner and the affiliate partners.

The integration

As Shoffi connects with the Shopify partners API, the integration process is straightforward. This means you will only need to provide an API key and add a simple POST request. Detailed instructions and examples for the integration process can be found in our docs.


Set your affiliate program

Affiliates terms

When adding a new app to Shoffi, you will set its affiliate terms. This is the contract between you and your affiliate partners, detailing what and how they will benefit from promoting your app.

The terms

The affiliate terms include the commission rate, the commission period, CPI, and more. You can find all of them on the features page.

Invite affiliate partners to join

Invite links and branded sign up pages

Every app that integrated successfully with Shoffi gets automatically an invite link and a branded sign up page. This allows you to easily recruit and onboard new affiliate partners.


Shoffi offers more than just a solution for affiliate programs. It’s a marketplace for Shopify apps affiliate programs, where affiliates can discover new apps to promote and ask to join their programs.

Affiliate Partners Promote your App

Apps promotion

Merchants ask for apps recommendations regularly. That’s an excellent opportunity for your affiliate partners to recommend apps they know and have an joined their affiliate program.

Referral links

Shoffi provides every affiliate who connects to a new app a unique referral link they can use. We track every view, installs, and payments made by merchants who clicked the referral link. The data is visible for both affiliate partners and app owners in their dashboards.

Your apps get new clients

More and better clients

Thanks to their relationships with merchants, affiliates will do their best to bring your app to those who need it. That will help apps get new clients, but even better than that – to clients who need the solution and are much more likely to keep using the app and upgrade to more advanced subscriptions.

Affiliate partners Earn Commissions

Payment Requests

You must pay affiliates based on the affiliate terms you have set.
Soffi tracks how much money should be paid to each affiliate partner and will notify you when an affiliate asks to get paid.

Pay when you get paid

Shoffi uses the Shopify Partners API to track transactions. That means there is no chance you will be paying affiliate partners before Shopify approved the charge of your app.