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How to help your affiliate partners be successful

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Your affiliate partners' success has a lot to do with how you treat them. We'll go through the best things you can do to help them thrive.

If you have already started your affiliate program and found affiliates to join, you are now ready to focus on helping those affiliates succeed.
Depending on your product, there are many ways to do that; in this blog post, we’ll focus on the main principles.


A new member joined the family? Make sure they feel at home.

If possible, let them book with you a 1-1 call, where you will get to know each other better and set expectations. If not, even a pre-made email with a welcoming message to show some appreciation will make them feel better.

Many partners will join your program once their customers request help installing your app; make sure they have everything they need to start promoting from the moment they sign up.

make sure they have everything they need to start promoting from the moment they sign up

Promotional Materials

Just like a company “Swag” you might get on your first day at work, provide your new partners with the information and resources they need to be successful in promoting your app and feel part of the team.

There are two main kinds of resources:


  • Banners
  • App logo
  • Certified partner badge


  • Tutorials
  • Documentation
  • How-to guide

Providing those to your partners will make them feel more dedicated while hopefully saving you customer support efforts.


When partners join your program, they will likely start promoting your app when they have the chance. That means mostly when their client needs your app now or if they are creating content about the topic.

If you want your partners to do beyond that and actively look for potential users, you should consider different forms of incentivization like Goals and Rewards.
Here are some examples of Goals and Rewards:

  • Goal: Make more than five referrals in the next week 
    Reward: $50 bonus
  • Goal: Competition  – which partner will make more referrals in the next month
    Reward: Increase the winner’s revenue share by 10% for all future referrals

Another helpful way to incentivize your partners is sharing successful partners’ stories. Creating a study case about “How X made passive income by promoting our app” and sending it to every new partner who joins can be extremely useful.

you should consider different forms of incentivization like Goals and Rewards

Communication And Feedback

Make sure to check in on your partners from time to time; it’s essential to let them give you feedback and not just update them about changes and updates in your app.

Remember that partners’ feedback is crucial. They are actively using or recommending your app to different merchants, so they can teach you a lot about how users are using and reacting to your app.

Celebrate Partner Success

One of your partners is doing exceptionally better? Made an achievement in a short time? Celebrate it!
Partner success is your success.

Make sure they know you appreciate their work, and consider celebrating their success publicly to inspire more partners.

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